Friday, September 10, 2010

Where eagles landed.

Gold news websites, bullion newsletters, the U.S. Gold Bureau, Indian gold merchants, Chinese gold investors are all speaking about only one thing in the last 5 days-American Eagle.

The American eagle gold coins are reaching the homes and vaults of various nations across the world. The American eagle gold coin has become so much popular due to the persistent campaign by the U.S. Gold Bureau that even the South Africans are actively buying it temporarily forgetting their own Krugerrands.

I recently watched a video in Youtube about the safety of buying gold coins. In it, an American eagle gold coin was shown in various angles that would tempt anyone to buy it.

Several traditional gold merchants that I know are fascinated by the increase in the price of gold and they are even amused at the frenetic buying of bullion. I know the reason for their amusement.

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