Thursday, December 16, 2010

Drive away your fear by reading courageous stories.

People of my age (I am 51) were brought up differently from the current generation including my son.

We were told countless stories of courage both in real life and in legendary stories. In schools too, our teachers take time to instill morale and courage by recounting real life courageous actions by youth and old people.

Whenever I read Reader's Digest, the first article I read is the 'drama in real life.'

It is still not too late for the present generation mothers and dads to tell inspirational stories to their children. To assist them, here is a website

It is a a free online magazine that compiled and published various stories from individuals who have survived extreme situations to encourage people going through tough times.

You can view the stories in your browser or download them on to your PC to read later.

The website is beautiful, clutter less and easy to navigate.

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