Sunday, May 15, 2011

An alternative site to Torrents.

I don't like to use Torrent sites however useful they are. It is too much of a fuzz to get something you want.

I am happy to introduce to you Zevera – a download service that allows users to find rare music clips, rare movies, useful web applications and even online games!

Zevera reviews say that most of the files that are on offer for downloads are not found anywhere else. It may be an exaggeration as what one can't find in the internet can be available for another though at a different file sharing site!

I am a frequent user of MediaFire where downloading a file is breezy smooth. I have downloaded several religious discourses files from MediaFire. The links for such files are usually sent to me through email from those who have actually uploaded the audio files.

Zevera offers both free and paid downloading options.

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