Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One of the oldest websites still puzzles me.

Before visiting http://www.briancasey.org/artifacts/puzzle/, you should know a few facts.

* This website has been in existence since December 1994! I would say it is one of the oldest websites in the Internet.

* Cool Sites of the Day found it for me.

About Web Puzzler:
It is an entertainment site-more of a time pass for children who are just beginning to get interested in zigzag puzzles and scream in delight when they solve one in their home or school.

Similarly, this zigzag puzzle is played online and the players' moves are displayed so don't expect to cheat your playing partner.

I tried my hand but after 4 moves, clicked on the 'solution' button. Guess I am too old for these childish games.

Nice way to escape from being called 'stupid'-eh?
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