Tuesday, August 09, 2011

700,000 search engines & directories.

700,000 search engines! Are there really that many? I will be happy if my website gets indexed by 1000 search engines and directories.

However let us not start counting if there are literally 700,000 search engines, directories, free classifieds etc. It is highly impossible and I also doubt very much about the number.

Top website submissions say in their home page that they will submit, rather you will submit using their advanced submission software to over 700,000 Search Engines, Directories, Link Pages, Online Malls, Classified Sites!

I believe in paid search engine submissions and they are more effective than free submissions. There are several pricing plans starting from $14.99 (why not make it to $15.00?). The screen shots indicate easy user interface.

Are you up to it?

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