Friday, September 02, 2011

Youtube re-sizer-get proportionate width and height.

Bloggers' most useful online tool is Youtube. There are no exceptions I believe. Video clips convey that words cannot. While embedding youtube video clips, we always have to edit the width and height of them to fit our blog's body.

Of course it is easy to do that by manually editing the html code. But invariably we only have to reduce the width and we do without modifying the height because we have space in our blog.

However, leaving the height as such, we end up having a rectangle with disproportionate width and height that is not pleasing.

If you go to GetRatio, you can key in the modified (or any ) width of the video clip and press 'get height'. You will be amazed to see range of rectangles with various sizes but the width would be the one you wanted.

See a sample screenshot below.

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