Sunday, November 13, 2011

Did you try this useful keyword research tool? is probably a less popular keyword research tool used by professional bloggers and webmasters but it is just superb.

It has got a few features that no other keyword research tool has got.

While I let you check it out for yourself, I would like to point out a particular feature that would surely surprise you.

In one single window, you can check the keywords of two websites on a similar niche to gauge the competition.

For example, a very popular search term is "Income Opportunities". For this search term, my blog is in second position in Google and the first position is always held strongly by

Though, my blog has more useful content on the topic (check it out please), it loses out to on several more frequently used search terms.

This is revealed by Now I am armed with the necessary keywords that I should use in my blog to compete for the number one position.

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