Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Free online video converter.

Even though I know (I thought so) there are several formats for a video clip, I never bothered to know more about them. Well, today, as I began to compose a blog post about an online video file converter, I was forced to look up for different video file formats and where they are applied.

Here are a few video file formats:
* AVI Format (.avi)
* MP4 Format (.mp4)
* Flash Video Format (.flv)
* Quicktime Format (.mov)

There are some more but these are the most used video files. Since we use video in various applications and devices, one file format may not be suitable for the other. At such circumstances, we have to convert the video files using a suitable video converter.

Here is one such online video converter:
Upload your video clip in any format, convert it to a format of your choice and download the video file thus converted.
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