Friday, April 06, 2012

Scam alerts and ripoff reporting site.

This is a blog post about a Scam alerts and ripoff reporting and rating site.

* Stumbling onto counterfeit sites too often?
* Your online purchase turned sour?
* Felt deceived or cheated by false free offers and discount coupons?

I am sure 90$ of us just tolerate these bad experiences and go about doing nothing while the remaining 10% refused to get cheated and look for ways to let the world know about it.

Internet is a superb way to spread the word in a jiffy. There are web sites created specially for reporting and one very popular such site is

Here is one more site that accepts reports and reviews of consumers.

Anyone can review a site and rate it in just 3 simple steps.

You can view sites that are reviewed and rated by other. It is a very useful feature for all of us. We can discover good and bad sites by browsing through reviews (not categorized).

Another fantastic feature of is a daily dose of scam alerts through email.
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