Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The profile of Walter Knoll DO in Doximity.

Walter Knoll DO wanted an experienced nurse to assist him in his private hospital. He knows it takes time to advertise, browse through applications, call for interview the shortlisted applicants and select the right candidate.

Someone told him about Doximity, an exclusive online network of physicians through which he can quickly locate another anesthesiologist and request to refer a nurse.

He quickly registered himself in and went about his quest.
Though Doximity enables doctors to connect with each other and communicate vital information within an exclusive, private network, it helps doctors in other ways too as mentioned above.

An excerpt from recent press release by goes like this:
“After claiming their profile, physicians can locate specialists, send HIPAA compliant text messages, exchange private contact information, send faxes directly from their Smartphone, and even connect with former classmates and residents.”
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