Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Develop your own hot keys/keyboard shortcuts instantly.

Hot keys are short cuts to perform a function on your computer. Instead making several key strokes on your computer keyboard to open a folder or save some data on your computer, you can press one or a combination of two or three keys at a time to perform the same tasks.

For example, if you want to save an email to read it again, you store it in Gmail server by creating a label first and then move the email into the folder.
By pressing 'v' on your keyboard, you can perform the above task without any hassles.

In this instance, 'v' is the hot key also popularly known as keyboard short cut.

Visit http://www.skynergy.com/hotkeyz.html that allows you to create number of hot keys for performing different commands.

Here are some of the commands that we all perform regularly in our computer for which we can create keyboard shortcuts:

*execute files / folders / programs,
*open a calendar,
*change case of selected text,
*start a countdown timer that can shutdown your PC,
*with minimal keystrokes execute any shortcut or file with keystroke launching,
*login to websites / programs,
*macro recording and playback,
*execute multiple commands with only one hotkey,
*paste text or the current date / time into any control,
*remap your keyboard,
*show / hide HotKeyz,
*open any Control Panel item,
*show / hide your desktop icons or your taskbar,
*open my computer / recycle bin,
*empty your recycle bin without opening it,
*close / maximize / minimize / hide / unhide / set stay on top any program *window,
*compose a new e-mail even if your email program is closed,
*dialup connect / disconnect,
*launch any website in internet explorer / firefox,
*lock your workstation,
*switch your monitor off,
*start your screensaver,
*change your desktop wallpaper,
*open / close your cd / dvd drives,
*logoff / shutdown / power down / restart your PC,
* change your PC's volume up / down / mute,
*change the volume balance left / right,
*sound commands have an onscreen volume display. 

The site is a gem.

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