Saturday, August 24, 2013

Get discount coupons all through the year.

I am not one of the millions of wily online shopper who somehow get a discount coupon and then make the purchase. I know personally five people who seem to know where to get free discount coupons for any products and that too all through the year!

May be they have patience to search or they have tied up with people who have their ear to the discount coupons announcements. Nevertheless, it is a smart way of shopping. Sometimes, a discount coupon may save you just a dollar or two but if add up at the year end, you would be amazed by your savings.It might even equal your annual car insurance premium!

I read in an article about Promofly, a service that helps you easily find and use valid promo codes for thousands of stores.

How it works:

Promofly is a free bookmarklet for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE (10+). It helps you find promo codes quickly and easily. There are several ways to use Promofly, depending on what you’re trying to find.

Read all about using "Promofly" and saving substantial money while shopping at

Here is a short video clip (less than 60 seconds) that explains how to use promofly.

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