Friday, June 02, 2006

Great utility tool for students.

Google Notebook:

You are browsing a website in your chosen topic. And you intend to visit more websites in the same topic in order to collect data for a project.
I have seen this being done very often by students. My son is my first example.

So what he does? He will highlight a paragraph of info from a web site, copy it in word,
hop onto the next site and so on. In this process he usually forget to copy the url from which he extracted the data.

The added disadvantage in this process is the burden of carrying the data saved, in a portable device.

Google’s latest offer Google Notebook is a God sent service to students.

Google Notebook enables you to save text and images from web sites into an online notebook.

After saving it in the online notebook, you can add a few memos before saving it.
You can share it with the public.

This free service can be easily installed in your browser as an ‘add on’ tool.
Go to to learn more about this service.
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