Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Over weight problem? Have you considered liposuction?

The most common body condition that is the cause of great concern is ‘over weight’.

Persons who fall in this category ( thank God, I am not one among them) would have tried all sorts of medication, diet and physical exercises that were recommended to them.

While a small percentage would have gotten cured, the majority of the affected people remain the same, clueless to solve it.

We never can pin point the exact reason why a person who has very normal eating habits, become fat. After the age of 30, an individual often gains fat in the abdomen, hips, and under the chin. For women the fat on the abdomen and hips may remain as such after pregnancy, despite dieting and exercising.

I know a friend of mine who was my colleague in Radio station, is now struggling to walk because of huge thighs which hinder free movement of his legs. And actually he is not fat for his height (6.4 ft)

Such disproportionate body weight can be embarrassing really. For him, the psychological benefit of looking normal by eliminating the problem is more precious than the surgery cost involved.

Liposuction surgery (a.k.a lipoplasty) can be an ideal solution for reducing excess fat. Liposuction surgery entails that the plastic surgeon inserts a probe into the patient's body and then liquefies the fat before extracting it.

Mostly 10 pounds of fat will be removed from excess fat deposited areas like abdomen, thighs, neck or hip. Plastic surgeons have set this 10 pound limit due to health reasons.

With rapid advancement in liposuction surgery, the procedure has become one of the fastest, safest, and most effective plastic surgery procedures available.
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Neil Crespi said...

just make sure u have credible liposuction surgeons to do the job.