Saturday, September 23, 2006

The San Diego contact.

I stumbled on to Neil Crespi Blog, when I was counting on my San Diego contacts.

This might have happened because there was a mention of San Diego in his blog post or it is just a God’s design.

I am a firm believer of this: everything that happens in our life is for a reason.

But then this is the big advantage of blogging. You can easily search for blogs that matches with your interest.

I have mentioned about myself in one of my blogs that I love to meet people from across the globe. And this is what Neil Crespi says in his blog: “Meeting new people and making friends have always been the things that I really love to do.”

I suppose this drew us together.

I used to tell my friends about how the blogger came into existance in 1999, as a side project to help make it easy for a few Web geeks to update their homepages. That side project soon became the real deal and Google acquired it in 2003.

Billions of people are actively blogging about anything and everything for various reasons like using this as an outlet to express their difference of opinions on socio political matters, a media to earn some revenue from adsense or through affiliate advertising etc.

This service goes on nearly uninterrupted but for a few instances; during mid July 2006, people from India (including me) were denied access to our blogs to a political controversy and also due to the inefficiency of internet service providers in India.

Well, life goes on but with a bit of boredom without blogger.
I love blogging. I simply love it mate.
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