Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tattoos are not a taboo anymore.

But tattooing was considered a taboo in western countries once.

Americans associated tattoos with only tribal. Today it is viewed as a modern art and a fashion.

The design and style of tattoo pictures are diverse and symbolize culture, faith, belief and even love.

In ancient India, it is said that ink tipped picks were used to pierce the skin. Modern tattoo machine uses a magnetic vibrator with a driving the needle.

The ink that is used in tattooing is kept as a trade secret.

Looking at various tattoo pictures, for lay men, it may not mean anything special.
But different forms tattoo covey a different meaning or belief.

Henna tattooing is a spiritual art form that has been around for 5000 years.

Maori tattoos- the maori tribes believed that they appeared tough during battles and to attract women

The most popular tattoos in the world today are tribal tattoos, a form of art which was practiced by a select few in Pacific Island and African cultures. Unlike other forms of tattoos, tribal tattoos are intended to convey a “feel” rather than depict an actual physical object. With their distinctive sharp black lines and aggressive patterns, tribal tattoos don’t simply make a statement….they positively scream it. And what they are screaming is ‘strength’ and ‘protection.’

I remember still reading about the Polynesians and their creative tattoo art and belief, in a Tamil literature book in my school days. In fact there is a rumor that the word tattoo might have come from Tahiti, the home of Polynesians.

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