Saturday, September 23, 2006

What you must do when you end up with a Boxer’s Nose?

If you are in California, take the next flight to New Jersey after fixing up an appointment with Dr. Daniel G. Becker by calling 856-589-NOSE (6673) for a nose surgery consultation.

If you are in New Jersey, take a drive to his office straightaway, meet the receptionist and fix up your date with the doctor.

When do you get Boxer’s Nose?
After a nasal fracture a patient's nose may be twisted to one side or the other. Also, it may have a new bump. This is called a saddle nose or a boxer's nose deformity.

Do you know what will the New Jersey cosmetic surgeon do? To straighten the nose, Dr. Becker will simply shift it back! (smile)

Of course, sometimes it can be a little more complicated. When Dr. Becker examines your nose, he will explain in detail what will be required to address your twisted nose.

You may be wondering why you have to fly across the continent to New Jersey and what is so special about Dr.Becker.

Dr. Becker has acquired fluency in multiple surgical techniques. Dr. Becker's "technique" is to take an anatomic approach to the nose - to carefully analyze your nose to determine why it looks like it does, and then to apply the techniques to you that he feels will best achieve your surgical goals.

Before you consult a rhinoplasty surgeon, please ensure that he is a member of ABFPRS- American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

This implies your cosmetic surgeon:
*Has completed an approved residency after medical school in one of two surgical specialties focusing on facial plastic surgery (otolaryngology - head and neck surgery or plastic surgery);

*Is double boarded, having earned prior certification in one of these specialties through the American Board of Medical Specialties or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada ;

*Has successfully completed a two-day examination;

*Has submitted for peer-review an acceptable record of at least two years' clinical experience, including operative reports of a minimum 100 facial plastic surgeries;

*Holds proper licensure and subscribes to the ABFPRS Code of Ethic.

I suppose you too, like me, have gained some knowledge about the so called ‘Nose Job’.
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