Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I envy travelers. I do not have the time nor the money to be a nomad as I would have liked to be.

Hmm… I am sad I am past the energetic age very soon.

Did I say ‘nomad’?
"Aren't we all somehow Nomads, Vagabonds, Roamers, Rovers, Pilgrims, Wanderers, Travelers, Tramps, Continental Drifters? What are you waiting for? Break the cycle, get out of the rat race, break the habit and peer pressure, downshift, retire young".

That was well written the blogger of nomad4ever.
The blogger has covered some good places like the beaches at Bali.

But I am a fan of travel related stuff always and hence when I saw the apt url, I thought I can introduce this to you.
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