Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Internet dating service-Lovers Planet. is an online dating service which connects women from Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe with men from US, Canada and Western Europe, who wish to establish friendship, long-term relationship or marriage with their overseas counterparts.

Many neglect the fact that location is vitally important in dating.
Lovers Planet enables you to find your perfect match in those parts of the world where it has not been possible before.

Russian brides are famous internationally as the most beautiful women in the world. A typical Russian woman looks like a model.

Even with online dating, users can take full advantage of internet and avail new opportunities, new cultures and new ways to date and meet other people.

Lovers Planet’s most of our female members are educated, computer-literate, employed, with at least basic knowledge of English. Among them you will find accountants, marketing managers, banking sector employees, police.

Browse Lovers Planet to admire russian brides and brides from Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of Eastern Europe.
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Dating-Guru said...


I recently published an article on the complexities of dating in general and blind dating and online dating in particular – here is a quote from it, in case you are interested:

How to create your profile?
1. Make a realistic profile. Try to show your best qualities without lying about something you are not. Try to find out what exactly appreciate the other at you;
2. List the most important features you expect your partner to have, but don’t exaggerate, just stick to the real life;
3. Learn to recognize a cheater from a sincere person by reading that person’s profile or by asking a set of questions that would reveal that person’s ego;
4. Start by chatting with more than one person;
5. Try to communicate with that person in an open manner;
6. Study the other’s profiles to help your create a more attractive profile for yourself;
7. Save yourself if necessary and don’t let these kind of virtual reality seize you completely. Give yourself more options in your life and consider virtual reality as one of the many, and not the only way.

If you feel this helps, please drop by my website for additional dating tips and resources such as body language tips or additional resources on dating mistakes .



Anonymous said...

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