Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Meet the musical sisters of Michalka family.

These ravishing looking sisters are Aly and AJ who have become the heart throb of millions of music lovers world wide.

When someone who became passionate about music and acting at the age of five, what do you call them? Simply genius!

It requires meticulous nurturing of the love to turn it to an enviable skill.

It was said that music and acting ran in the blood of the Michalka family.

Aly went to church to attend the Childrens' Performing Arts group at five and she was 11 years old when she began working as a print model, and started studying acting even more.

Now at just the tender age of 15 she is a professional singer/songwriter, and actress.

Aly is a real virtuoso in the true sense because when she is not busy acting, singing, writing, or performing she loves to dance, horseback ride, read, hang out with her family, and her pets.

Her sister Amanda Michalka (fondly known as A.J.) took after her older sister and began in the acting business at the age of nine.

Since then she has been guest staring on many shows, including one's on CBS, FOX, HBO, ABC, the WB, and NBC.

Her "big role" was one on the CBS show "The Gaurdian" in which A.J. played Shannon. She is also into modeling and music. Previously, A.J. had worked as a successful model, modeling in many different Nation-wide Magazines, Store Posters, and Merchandising.

Alongside her sister Aly, the two have formed a duo, "Aly & A.J.", in which are already known nationally, appearing on MTV, VH1, and Disney. They've recorded their first CD as a duo which comes out late 2006.

You can watch Alyson Michalka every week as Keely on Disney's Phil of the Future.

I happen to hear their song “Something More” and I give below a few sentences of that song.
"I didn't know what was in store.
When I walked right through the door.
Then I saw you over there, our blue eyes locked in a stare.
I didn't know quite what to say, sometimes words get in the way".

It is obvious that like their voice and acting, Aly and AJ Lyrics also have heart and spirit in them.
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