Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What is tVadio?

Great news to television viewers all over the world.

tVadio is a brilliant and easy way to access online internet TV channels. tVadio has a mission to make Internet Television just as accessible as regular TV

These people are making it possible for us to connect us to high quality internet TV channels in one place where we can browse and watch these channels with a click of a button.

“Unlike other internet TV directories all the TV channels in tVadio are well organized by keywords and genre. Each channel is also well described so you know what to expect before you start watching”.

They say that they are working hard to make watching and browsing Internet TV as easy as watching traditional regular TV. We believe internet TV should be effortlessly accessible.

Simply turn on a TV Channel, sit back, and watch.

Watching broadband TV is going to be an experience of a life time with the help of tVadio.
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