Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Everything fishy here.

Well literally fishy; We are fish .com are nut about fish.

In my city Madras, I noticed an increased interest among all ages for home aquarium. Even in a thinly populated area, one can find fish sellers. So this blog post is dedicated to them.

We are want their little aquatic friends to be more involved in our lives and not just shoved in a glass box that lies neglected at the back of the spare room. They want to bring our water-dwelling friends into our warm and cozy living rooms, our bedrooms and our studies.

You can give your pet fish the best possible living environment in beautiful and elegant to look at - aquariums that become the centerpiece of any room.

We Are Fish only stocks cold water and tropical aquariums that fit the bill. This includes the stunning biOrb range of aquariums, including the perfectly proportioned biOrb 30, the larger biOrb 60, the delightfully petite Baby biOrb and the stunning cylindrical biUbe.

They also supply a range of accessories to compliment the aquariums like beautiful decorations, aquarium cleaning products, water and health treatments that will keep your fish safe and sound.

We Are Fish - the preeminent online aquatics store.
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