Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Know how to build back links in easy steps.

I am sure you might have read nearly 100 such articles with the same title. But wait before you decide as it is one of those.

Just one example will justify my caution.

Try a search in Google for the term “miserable failure”. You’ll see the first page in the results is the presidential bio for George W. Bush. Obviously he has not put that term on his personal bio.

The reason behind this ranking is actually quite simple and humorous. At some point a blogger decided to link to this page with that term as the anchor text of the link, and told others to do the same. So this ranking is a result of thousands of blogs pointing back to this page with that term as the anchor text.

Amusing but new to you-right?

The above examples show how back links are so important to the Google algorithm that a page can rank for a term without the term ever appearing on the page itself.

If you absolutely serious to know how to build back links, I would urge you to read the following points:

Keeping LSI in mind when building your links, a good rule of thumb is that for every link with the term in the anchor text, have 5 with just your company or domain name.

Also, use LSI thinking in your anchor text selection. For example, an ideal campaign when you purchase 100 links through would look like this: 10 links with the anchor text “bed sheets” 5 links with the anchor text “bedding” 5 links anchor text “linens” 40 links with the anchor text just the domain name 40 links with the anchor text just the company name This would look very natural to Google.

So what do you think so far? Impressed?
Why not? Because the credit for this article goes to Mr. Ed Shull who is the senior most internet marketer with the knowledge of a power house.

Oh yes, he is also the CEO of USWeb and founder of

Remember this valuable advise from him: “Too much too soon and you’ll get you burned. Start with a nice base, and then you can start increasing more and more”.
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