Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Screen capture tools.

Some time back, I was given one month contract as a ‘Ghost Blogger’ by DP member.
The work involved capturing a screen shot of the website or blog I was writing about and inserting the same in my blog post.

I searched the internet for one such free tool and found one that served the purpose.

Here is one more tool called ‘LLXScreenCut - Desktop Imaging Tools’.

This program enables you to easily take pictures from any application or any part of your screen and either save it as a picture file or send it directly by e-mail.

This is especially useful when you are building a report or any kind of document where you need to show exactly what is happening in the screen.

Its simple but powerful features give you the ability to select automatically each portion of the screen / window / sub-window you want to select.

Main Features:

Full screen capture
Active window snapshot
Capture custom selection
Save capture to picture file (*.JPG; *.GIF; *.BMP ...)
Send picture directly by e-mail (you do not need to save the picture for this)

It is absolutely free; share it with others if you like it.
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