Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Business Process Outsourcing.

Based now in Madras, India, I have been watching with great interest about the growth of BPO companies in India and especially those who offer SEO services and link building services.

I am somewhat sad to notice that most of the companies are not located in Madras. Please ignore my feeling as childish. I am proud to be an Indian always.

As a web directory owner, I come across several submission from SEO companies in India to get listed in my directory free of cost.

Today I happen to review Consystentinfo, a Bangalore based company that is offering offshore data entry, document management and financial services outsourcing services.

They say they are well versed in finance, engineering design & CAD solutions, virtual staffing & payroll, medical transcription, quantitative & market research, and data/document management.

I wonder what is meant by '
quantitative & market research'!

It seems they are capable of delivering with a very good strength of 60 employees and 150 consultants.
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