Friday, January 05, 2007

My blog has been approved by Loud Launch.

Do you remember my earlier post about the new paid to blog opportunity offered by

I am very happy today to notice that my submitted blog was approved by them and I completed one assignment already.

I foresee many advertisers will utilize loudlaunch’s link building campaign because advertisers' with can create campaign's starting at just $50. Of course they should be aware of the fact that the reach of a campaign is determined by the campaigns budget. Obviously a higher budget allows more bloggers to distribute the news.

Also this opportunity offered by LoudLaunch is a great boon for bloggers to earn extra a few bucks for their blogging skill.

The website is neatly laid out with pleasing colors and the script is somewhat different when compared to other players in the same field but definitely user friendly.

I understand they approve the blog post in 24 hours and the payment is through paypal only.

I will continue to update about my experience with them.

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