Friday, February 02, 2007

More backlinks for all of us.

Searching for information with NavShare is similar to using any major search engine with one important distinction. Any results returned by NavShare will be sites/links which have been viewed and saved by a another member. This increases the relevance of links returned by NavShare tremendously.

The Special Interest Group feature is a great benefit to organizations of people who are planning an event or involved in a common project. As each individual locates useful resource, it can be immediately shared with other members quickly and with no typing or mailing!

Another great benefit of Navshare is the temporary storage of your bookmarks when you have a computer crash or you are outfitting a new PC for yourself or a friend. The link to your uploaded bookmarks is a permanent location on the web for this important information, and you can retrieve it anytime it's needed with just a click!

NavShare users share information by the exchange of personal bookmarks from the web. Contributors upload their bookmarks and provide a short explanation of what they have found. In exchange, members can search the NavShare database for even more useful links in a growing choice of categories.

Membership is free and does not require any personal identity information, not even your email. Simply upload your bookmark file and you are registered! It's that simple!

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