Monday, April 30, 2007

Cereals and Saunas.

And you thought Kellogg only makes cereals? Do you know that they are contributing in a different way for the U.S. citizens?

Kellogg’s loyalists! Read this. Have you ever been to Battle Creek in Michigan?

There, just at the St. Mary’s lake front, stands the sprawling Stone Hawk drug rehab founded by Dr.Kellogg. Dr. Kellogg believed deeply in saunas to heal the body and the benefits of holistic medicine - nutrition was a priority in keeping the body healthy and with his brother, developed Kellogg cereal.

This 58,000 sq ft drug rehabilitation center treats the patients of addiction without any medicines, group therapy, meetings and counseling.

That’s right! The individual writes his own morals and codes that he can live by.

Toxins from the use of drugs and alcohol can remain trapped in fatty tissue for years’ Removing and cleaning this build-up of drug metabolites is called detoxification. The specific drug detoxification program used at Narconon Stone Hawk is the "Narconon New Life Detoxification Program".

The patients also given proper diet, exercise, and supplementation and in a short while, they are fully rejuvenated.

Stone Hawk’s New Life Detoxification Program does just that-giving new life for those who have abused the various forms drugs and nearly fell out of the family and society.


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