Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Efficient communication system for business firms.

After spending much on a business management consulting firm, the top brass of our company sat down to discuss the report submitted by them.

Just after going over a few pages, one aspect was glaringly visible and it was our poor communication between our four branches located in different states.

Obviously we were spending much on telephone expenses and wasting on time too. It is clear that we are not technologically advanced in this fast communication age.

We need to upgrade our out dated telephones, go in for VoIP and also get our personal trained in this field. We were then asked to have a look at small business phone systems provided by Xpander Communications that specializes in small business phone systems for companies looking to improve and explore new technologies.

The recommendation was found to be very good and they offer exactly what we are looking for: simplicity, reduced costs, and drastically reduced maintenance. We are also assured of unlimited free service and the plans they have for long distance and international calling suited us.

We believe with this up gradation, our entire team can work more efficiently and can stay connected with each other.

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