Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No more bland diets.

The ever present controversy among dieticians is “Can you lose weight eating real food?”

Today you may be asked to follow certain food habits to reduce your obesity and after a month or so, taking cognizance of new development, you will be again asked to change to a different eating pattern.

But the overall annoying factor is the blandness of the food in any combination of diet recommended for dieters.

Now this vexing issue is tackled at last by d’Oni Enterprises who strongly believe in the NEW FAD Diet: Eating REAL Food.

Their entire range of products is made targeting dieters and health conscious life stylers. The Specialty Sauces such as Burning Desire, Bold As Love and Moondance Marinade

will blend well with vegetables, staples and brown bread.

Once a dieter tastes these, they are sure to stay with it because of the taste, low calorie content hat is free of fat too. Please note that they are also low in sodium and free of preservatives.

Would you mind reading about their product called ‘Burning Desire?’

Burning Desire:
This is a roasted Habanero Hot Sauce created with specially prepared vegetables and roasted habaneros that goes perfect with soups, eggs and risottos.

This is a welcome change for spicy food lovers.

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