Thursday, April 19, 2007

Exploring the Rediff.

My God! I never knew that is a Nasdaq listed company in India.

My earliest memories of Redif was not that positive. After using Yahoo Mail and Hotmail, I felt it was handling the rediff mail. The interface was cluttered, and email arrived very slowly. I mean it was not instant like Yahoo mail.

Now I learnt that they are a multi product company doing a profitable business in India. Their search engine is featured in Wikipedia under regional search engines.

Founded in 1996, they have offices in Mumbai, New Delhi and New York. Hmmm...

Alexa ranks it as the number 5 most visited Indian web site. I think their shopping services are very popular in India. I suppose this is the first online shopping portal in India.

Yes, remember visiting heir shopping portal many times in the past. That must have been about 8 years ago.

Must remember to visit their social networking (Rediff Connexions), blogging (Rediff iLand) and a community-driven knowledge base (Rediff Q&A).

It is my duty to support such a diverse Indian portal.
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