Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I have earned without doing anything.

Well, almost doing nothing, so far I have earned $13.75 in Constant Content.

In fact it is a surprise to me as I have found out about it only today. After a long time, I have logged in to my account to see the figures staring at me.

My account page says that so far I have referred 11 authors on whose sales I have earned a commission. I am glad and say my thanks to God.

Actually, I have placed a link to constant content in a few of my blogs and it seems all those 11 persons have seen it and joined under my referral link. So, not only my blog posts are being read, also they scroll through the blog fully.

Hmmm... that is nice and encouraging really. Recently, in one of the social bookmarking web site, some one has commented that my blog contains useful posts. I was elated to read that.
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