Sunday, June 10, 2007

If you have broadband internet connection.

I think it was on a Sunday when I went to an IT park in Madras to meet a friend of mine with whom I have lost the contact. But I very badly wanted to revive the contact.

When I received a call in response to my complaint on my satellite TV, I thought I recognized the voice. To my surprise, she also recognized me when I introduced myself.

The appointment was set and I met her at her office.

While chatting, I noticed something different in her console which she told me is the new VoiP that is sweeping the communication technology. She informed me that how else can they afford for all those international calls if not for VoiP?

I knew something about VoiP but what she revealed was staggering. Above all, installing VOIP Small Business phone systems is not at all costly she said. The upfront money is negligible when you consider the monthly savings on telephone bill.

The major advantage of VoiP is the ability to receive Internet phone calls anywhere you are, as long as you are accessible to the Internet. With zero maintenance because you only use Internet connection to communicate, it is a discovery that has to be commended.

Xpander Communications specializes and delivers the most user friendly phone systems available thanks to a focus on simplicity, reduced costs, and drastically reduced maintenance. As they right said, the benefits VoIP phone systems have to offer the small business world are endless.

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