Thursday, July 26, 2007

Get your Wishpot.

At the outset, I like the name Wishpot.

Actually, I added a 'wishpot' button in my browser three days ago. Suddenly I remembered it today when I was shopping for an ideal birthday gift.

The Wishpot Browser button let’s you save stuff you find at any online store or website onto a personal online list.

Product name, image, price and website link are collected automatically. You can also add personal notes and tags.

What can you do with Wishpot?
Make a birthday or holiday wish list and share it with family and friends
Collect and compare stuff for a home remodel
Publish a list of your favorite Xbox accessories
Build a baby or wedding registry with items from dozens of different stores

Ask your techie friend which of the three laptops you are considering she would recommend
Create a list of recommended safety gear for a new baby
Organize your shopping lists for birthdays and holidays
Promote your shop or boutique

Browse your favorite online store or website and click the “Add to Wishpot” button when you find something you like.

You can also easily publish a Wishpot list on your blog, MySpace or Facebook profile with the Wishpot Widget.
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