Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What you need to know about Fulfillment Services.

This is a unique service that so far, I have not heard about.

Let me tell you what is meant by Fulfillment services.

Suppose you start your own retail or wholesale distribution business. You have the funds, a space for doing back end work. But you really don’t have a large space to store the goods, need some goods carrier to meet the logistics solutions.

This is where Fulfillment services come into picture. GDF Fulfillment Solutions will take care of your warehousing solutions.

They even provide custom packaging services which is another area of expertise many distributors lack.

GDF Fulfillment Solutions has been providing fulfillment services since 15 years. Many small business houses as well as big corporate giants approach for their warehousing service.

GDF Fulfillment Solutions is a member of the Direct Marketing Association and the Better Business Bureau and are headquartered in Phoenix.

My neighbor is a shipping agent and I was discussing about this unique service that will save a lot of money for many manufactures and distributors. He told me that this will be a big boon for wholesale book distributors because their main area of concern which is packaging is now taken care by GDF Fulfillment Solutions.

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