Saturday, September 29, 2007

Get educated before you buy.

The human tendency is to ask around about a product which we intend to buy. Mostly, we take the feedback seriously that will quite likely influence our decision.

There is an online review site that publishes unedited reviews about hair loss prevention products. Trust Source is featured in my friend Sana Lakhani's blog that I read daily.

Trust Source has also reviewed five 'stop smoking' products.

The criteria for ranking a product by Trust Source:
# Sales Data and Rank
# Consultations with Health Care Professionals
# Consultations with Ex-Smokers
# Customer rankings and reviews

I am looking forward to more diversified products review from them.
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1 comment:

Catmoves said...

Hi Malathy. Like your blog, but how about some pics of India?
I use IE 7 with CALLINGID for security. It told me that "Trust Source" is hides its ownership and so is rated "High Risk". Sana Lakhani's blog is rated as verified by Google.
Is it posssible that Trust Source is owned by a company with its own axe to grind?