Friday, November 23, 2007

Fine corporate Christmas cards.

I throw away all the seasonal greeting cards that I receive. I blame this habit on age because, I used to accumulate them for years.

If I remember correctly, I threw away a big bundle of old greeting cards when I got married and moved to my husband's house in Madras.

Now, it is my turn to choose appropriate Christmas greeting cards to be given to hundreds of corporate houses who are all my husband's customers and friends.

Promotional Products is a very good resource for corporate gifts. Their range of gifts include Apparel
Awards and Recognition
Bags and Totes
Desk Items
Corporate Christmas Cards
Tradeshows & Events
Writing Instruments
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Lael Trent said...

Besides cards, our company is gifting their employees and top billing clients with ipods. just ordered them from I believe you get some great discounts too.

Lael Trent said...

Besides Christmas cards, you can also give away a small corporate gift to your clients and employees. This year our company gave us the ipod. They bought it online from check it out if you like. I think ipods make great promotional gifts.