Monday, November 19, 2007

A social network for grownups.

Hmm... a social network for grownups? I wonder what next! May be a social network under 5?

Social network websites are cropping up almost one per day it seems. What do the concerned webmasters expected to make from these websites? Income from AdSense? If so, websites and blogs that show 1 million page views a month don't make more than a handful of dollars. And for that, they must have spent a fortune in promotion expecting to get it back many fold over a period of years.

iYomu is a social network for grownups. It has all the usual sharing facilities that enable one to find matches with similar interest.

Another feature in almost all the social networks that I noticed is more Indians participate than any other country .

iYOMU is throwing open a challange for all and the prize money is 1 million dollar. This is an online challenge combining general knowledge, skill, and luck.
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