Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brilliant marketing idea through a napkin.

Will it be a billion webmasters and blog masters struggling to get word out there about their website or blog at any given point of time?

I think my guess would be very conservative. Getting word out there is the prime objective of webmasters or blog masters whether they are engaged in a business or not. To achieve their goal, they all come out the strange and brilliant ideas.

The latest Internet marketing as well as offline marketing idea that caught my attention was the Napkin idea.

We are provided disposable napkins in bars, restaurants and airplanes. They all carry mostly the logo and the name of the establishment that provides them.

In the places mentioned above, people are totally relaxed and in good mood. They also tend to notice everything in their surroundings at such times. Capitalizing on this peoples' state of mind High Definition Napkins or Nap Ads that carry an ad campaign, are placed directly in front
targeted audience.

If you happen to know a bar owner or two, please ask them to visit this blog post because they are offered free napkins that are sure to deplete their liquor inventory and increase their business. (smile)

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