Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A search engine for realtors.

Ok, let me change my title slightly-A search engine for real estate. I know even an ordinary person like me need not be in the business of real estate to browse through a niche search search engine dedicated for real estate.

Trulia is my choice today.
Use this website to buy and sell real estate properties.

Then there is Trulia Voices, a place to ask questions on real estate and find them answered in 20 minutes-now that I would call as a real participation.

"What are the tax implications of buying real estate in California?"- is asked by Alameda just hours ago and it was answered by Chuck and Nancy as below:
"Property taxes are approximately assessed at .0121 X purchase price. City and county transfer taxes are added at the close of a transaction and vary by area."

I think the person who posed the question would not have found the answer satisfying and would have said so.
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