Thursday, January 03, 2008

Not sure what to say in a given situation?

It happens to almost all of us. In fact, lack of confidence to continue a conversation makes people shy away from going to parties and other social events.

I can say that I don't have this problem but I know many who have this predicament.

For them, here is a website (What should I say?) wherein all sorts of such questions are asked and are answered too.

Here is a perfect question for an example: biggrin
"How do I accept compliments and not come off like a weirdo? Usually, when someone tells me they like my shirt or jacket, I say “thanks” and then I squirm a little. Simply saying “thanks” seems to shut conversation down immediately. What else can I say to open the person up?"

The answer is given by a registered member called Sreneedi as below:
" You would say, "thanks so much, I got this jacket for Christmas last year," and just move on the conversation from there with something relating to what you just said. (i.e. gift giving, gifts etc.) It would also be appropriate to compliment the person on something they're wearing, assuming you actually like the article of clothing/bike etc."

Nice-isn't it?

Your questions can be from any of these topics:
Business, Emgergencies, Friends & Family, Legal Matters, Miscellaneous, Relationships
Religion, Sports and work.

Would like to ask or would like to answer?
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