Monday, February 18, 2008

Your best choice for home renovation.

I share your sorrow that the weekend is over and the hateful Monday has inevitably dawned. Though I didn’t do anything memorable during the weekend, that itself made me remember it. What a lazy weekend it was.

But it did not go without any purpose. Without real attention, I started mentally drawing an extra room on the terrace. The terrace is spacious and if I built one room there, my husband could use it as his work station.

It has to be without bathroom which makes the maintenance difficult. But I was mentally adding a bay window at the rear end facing south that could virtually suck the breeze out of nowhere.

Then I made a mental note to contact and request an appointment. They are really good and they undertake literally every kind of home renovation work that includes flooring, air-conditioning, adding new staircase, altering the bathroom etc etc.

How I am going to meet out the expenses? May be, I will allocate the thinking and planning for the next weekend.

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