Saturday, February 02, 2008

Your mood is depicted through painting.

There are periods during which we sink in to a mood that we ourselves cannot describe what it is and what is the reason behind it.

Here is a website that paints your mood. It ask you what is your mood at present plus a few other innocuous questions. Based on your answer, it creates a picture reflecting your mood.

Shall we start with me?
* Today do you feel?
Happy, Depressed, Sad, Hyper, Mad, Relaxed, Sleepy, Nervous.
I chose 'Relaxed'.

* Which best describes you?
Detail oriented, Lazy, Frantic, Poetic
I chose 'Detail Oriented'.

* Would you rather?
Travel back in time, Travel to another planet, Travel to the bottom of the sea, I would not want to do any of those
I chose 'Travel back in time.

* Which do you like better?
Summer, Winter
My choice was Winter

* Are you quiet or do you talk a lot?
Quiet, Talkative
I am Quiet.

*Which location do you like best?
Tropical Island, Alaska, Farm, Wetlands, Rain Forest, Desert, Las Vegas
I selected 'Rain Forest'.

*Choose a color.
Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Pink, Black, Purple.
I chose 'Green'.

In the next screen was this picture. Beautiful and very creative.

Click here to create your own painting.
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