Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Free books and video games.

Well almost free I should say because you pay only the shipping cost.

You exchange the books you have read with books you want to read and pay only cost of postage. In Swap Tree, you can swap books, video games and DVDs.

How it works:
You list the items you want to swap and thats all you have to. The rest of finding a match for your trade is done by their system. They find you several items that are available for trade and you can browse and choose what you like.

They say that you can use the post office's Media Mail service and you can send anything for less than $2.50. That is surely affordable foe all of us-right?

Don't go to Post Office:
Yes, you need not even go to post office, weigh your item, affix the required postage stamps. Swap Tree offers you a facility that is very simple.

To find out, please visit them.
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