Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Free ads for you.

I used to be an active advertiser years ago when I was enthusiastic about affiliate marketing. My short ads received wide appreciation from other webmasters and affiliate marketers.

It goes without saying I made no sales but I was offered a freelance job by an advertising agency.smile Well, it is history now.

Today, I have received an email from Jenny James, webmaster of Whynotad.com, a web 2.0 based free advertising portal in wiki format.

Ok, my interest was aroused and made a visit to Whynotad.com. Here are my observations:
*I saw in the home page several images arranged in a crowded form; a sort of pixel advertising. As I placed the cursor over an image, I was able to see what it is about and when I clicked on that image, the category under which the ad is placed is also displayed.

*I clicked on 'All Adverts' and viewed several ads from different categories. The categories are hyperlinked and you are unlikely to notice it. However, I clicked on a particular category, their system displayed ads in that category. Good so far.

*So, there is no way to start searching for a particular category from their home page itself.

*And I don't see where the wiki format comes into picture.

*To place an, you need to register. It is free of cost. (But what’s in it for them?)

*There is also a ranking system for the ads and they say an algorithm decides the ranking. But one can also vote on any ad. But why would people do that unless there is something in it for them?

*I feel their website is a bit slow in loading.

They need a lot of advertising in the initial stages to make people aware of this free advertising opportunity.

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date said...

Thanks for the advise, we put a free ad on whynotad.com for our chinese business in Birmingham UK, It was quick and easy to use, and we could make our own categories for the business, add photos and change the body, just like a wikipedia or a blogger. All free and we found the ad on google at a high listing when we checked for it the next day.

Great site and thanks again for the advice, drop in sometime for a free meal if you are ever in London.



Susie said...

Great little site there, any type of advertising is awesome and free to boot!