Saturday, March 15, 2008

T-Shirt collections.

My husband's suggestion is I blog about apparels at least once in a way. He wears always T-shirts. So this blog post is dedicated in his honor.

To find the website of T-Shirt Collection, all I did was to Stumble randomly and it presented the web site on my first stumble itself. displays one new T-shirt design every day. And it so happened that the T-shirt that is on display today is the one who see in the picture and it became my husband's instant favorite.

Sell your creativity:
If you have the ability to design a T-Shirt, you can join them and submit your design to win a whopping $1500.

Plus, every T-shirt designed by you when sold will fetch you $2 as royalty.

$350 guaranteed commission:
They print out a minimum of 375 T-shirts per design which means you will earn a minimum of $750 as royalty.

Please read the details about the earning potential at the Design Submission Guidelines page.
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