Monday, March 10, 2008

Machine vibrate your body to fitness.

Are these machines that help us regain and maintain a perfect health by vibration really helpful?
I suppose so, else, how come there so many companies manufacturing this whole body vibrating machines?

The planet earth is gearing towards next generation of healthy people that won't burden the earth with sickness. Personally, I feel this whole body vibrating machine should occupy every house.

The main advanatge of these machines is the privacy that gives it's user. Many people don't like to go to gym because they don't want others to see their body. Also, this saves them membership fees, commuting expenses and time.

The Vitality 600 features an oscillating platform which may support skeletal realignment and help prevent osteoporosis. It is known that oscillating platforms prevent bone loss in sheep and chickens and preliminary trials on postmenopausal women have had positive results in bone growth.

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