Thursday, May 29, 2008

Accessing the net from public internet cafes?

It is reported that 500 million people access Internet from public Internet enters which means that many people don't have computers in their home. I hope computer sellers take a note of this.

Out of this 500 million people, many might be using their own CD Roms and pen drives to store their files and data.

Jooce is a new site for people who access the web from Internet cafes and miss the customizability of their home PCs. Jooce helps you to do away with your pen dives and CDs.
This means, you can roam anywhere in the world and still access the Internet with your work data readily available and also your own customized desk top.

The site bundles all your chat and email accounts into one easy-to-use virtual desktop. You can upload files, videos, photos, music and access it all from any computer whether you’re trekking through South America or sat in a cyber-cafĂ© in Warsaw.

The interface is beautiful with big icons which covet its purpose when you hover the mouse over them.

Already available in 17 languages, Jooce should definitely satisfy the millions of ‘cyber-nomads’ worldwide.

This is a sort of your PC but it is in digital form and so mobile.

A very good concept.

Source: Web User
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New Trendy said...

nice one, but i rare to use public internet