Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finest watch and jewelry products.

I know I am not an in depth website reviewer but I can say proudly that I introduce websites in every field. Out of 12 blogs that I maintain, this blog comes second in terms of the number of visitors.

I was once asked how I select a website to write about. I remained silent; I will keep the secrets to myself.

I will reveal one thing here. I browse several web/press releases that I have subscribed to. But sometimes, I don’t depend on a press release for my reviews.

Today, I read about the ride of Switzerland, the jaeger lecoultre watches and clocks. I was also informed that their official website is down for maintenance. So I searched for other websites that deal with jaeger lecoultre and I landed on Vialuxe.com that is dedicated to helping consumers research, find and buy the finest watch and jewelry products.

Fittingly, this website is also beautifully designed and it gave a look of solidity. The color combination is pleasing and majestic. Yes, that is the word I have been trying to remember-majestic is the apt word to describe Vialuxe.com

Trivia or you:
In 1953, Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced the Futurematic watches that came without a winding crown.

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