Monday, May 12, 2008

Malaysian Delicasies.

"Sambar Sadham"

The first Malaysian that visited my home three years ago was an industrialist having business interests in Japan apart from Malaysia.

That was quite an encounter that remain fresh in our memories even today and I hope to retain them for long. We had a great time conversing and sharing. Even though he was a big shot, he was unbelievably humble.

He made an excellent Malaysian food made of Basmati rice right in our kitchen. He said he did it in appreciation of the Sambar Rice ('sambar sadham' in Tamil) we served him with typical Tamilian porial and pachhadi.

Today, I visited another blog on Malaysian Delicacies and reading there a wonderful recipe of Jeera rice kindled my memories of that Malaysian industrialist.

"Brinjal Poriyal"

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